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Mission Statement

The Mission of the Encore Boosters is to reach out to surrounding communities to gain exposure for Encore which will lead young people to the opportunities that dancing has for them such as gaining self-esteem, positive role models, the ability to perform in theater-style productions and much more. It is the desire of the Boosters and Encore to expose young people to the art of dance and take dancers as far as they want to go. Boosters will spearhead fundraisers in order to off-set costs of the theater costs, props, costuming, back drops and many other things related to the opportunity our Encore dancers will have with the professional productions offered through Encore.

Lastly, Boosters are proud to support Encore's additional learning opportunities through additional master classes, workshops and future student of the month initiatives. We feel that all children/young people should have the opportunity to be exposed in a positive way, to the role that the art of dance can have in their lives.

EDC Boosters Board Members

  • Tanya Sims
    We've been part of the Encore Family for just about 10 years now! We have three girls, all of which began dancing with "Miss Bonnie", that year after year continue to thrive at the studio. Daily the girls are challenged physically, are encouraged, build confidence in their abilities and enjoy friendships. Our girls not only dance at Encore because of the technical training and inspired creative vision, but for the warm family atmosphere that provides a safe place for them feel safe and grow!
  • Michele Perez
    My daughters have both danced at Encore for the past five years and my son has danced in the boys hip hop class as well. My children have truly benefitted in countless ways from their experiences at Encore Dance Studio. They love to dance and are dedicated dancers. Their dance skills, as well as, their self esteem and responsibility, have blossomed as a result of their participation at Encore. The teachers encourage and inspire my children. My two daughters are both in high school and look forward to participating in their classes and the Nutcracker and Annual Recital each year. Encore has been a great place for my children to grow physicially, emotionally and socially. Many skills they have learned here will enable them to be a success in whatever lies in their future, whether it is in the field of dance or elsewhere.
  • Jennifer Perez
    Jen has been an Encore family member since she was a child and danced in Encore's first dance recital. Her daughter Kennedy has been at the studio since she was a tiny tot. Both Jen and Kennedy took combo class with Mrs. Bonnie. Jen has an appreciation for dance and enjoys watching kids develop a love for the art whether recreationally or passionately.