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Dear EDC Parents and Students:

PLEASE BE OUR GUEST IN JUNE 2018!!!!!!!!!!!!

It's costume ordering time! Thank you everyone for your quick response in returning your costume forms, it is greatly appreciated.


If you still plan on having your child perform in our annual production "Until the Last Petal Falls..." Sunday June 10th, please notify me IMMEDIATELY. Please understand these costumes take several months lead time to order. We appreciate your understanding and promptness in turning your forms in on time. Once I receive the confirmations on the orders, a costume chart will be displayed in the rear lobby for your child's "ordered" costumes. Note: Any orders placed after our February 12th deadline can be subject to additional shipping fees.

We are completing documents for our Jr. Recital venue. As soon as I have confirmation, our tiny tots will be given their recital package with all the information. Please expect to see that in the next week. Mark your calendars for Sunday, May 20th for our Jr. Recital production!


If you are a new or long-time customer with Encore, please review the below explanation of recital fees associated with our annual production.

  1. There is a $60.00 "recital fee" that is collected along with your measurement form. This fee is mandatory for every child who wishes to participate and dance in our June performance. This fee helps offset the costs of the venue where we hold our performance yearly.
  2. Costume fees. The second form you receive is our Costume Form. This form states the dances your child's classes are participating in. We ask the parent and child to go over the paperwork together to decide on what dances they choose to perform in. Once selected, the paperwork MUST be returned for my records along with payment for those costumes for which they are choosing to perform. Included in your costume costs are the accessories for each dance, so there will be no additional costume costs upon delivery of your child’s costumes. Note: If I missed any accessory fees on your costume paperwork , I will contact you after reviewing turned in paperwork . Thank you for your understanding as I’m processing a large amount of detail.
  3. Fundraising. There is a mandatory fundraiser that is required for each child who is involved in the JUNE performance. Our fundraiser is selling "Sees" candy bars. This fundraiser will start April 3rd and run until April 29th. This fundraiser covers the cost of the professional backdrop rentals and detailed props that are built for our performance.

Costumes will not be released in June until all outstanding tuition, late fees, and fundraiser fees are paid in full. Your tuition must remain current for your child to perform in both our junior recital and our June performance. No exceptions.

If you have not participated in an Encore Dance Centre recital in the past, please understand our shows are full professional musical dance productions. There are numerous sets, back drops, special effects, costuming and an extreme level of detail that goes into each show. Thank you in advance for your patience as we work thru this critical time, there is a lot of detail to cover. All information regarding our shows can be found here. Or I am happy to answer any additional questions you may have. Thank you.


February is the month the instructors will be starting choreography for your child's dances. If your child is participating in either of our June performances, please be sure to have them attend classes on a regular basis. It is hard for the instructors and dancers in class to work around a missing child. If your child is to be absent, a courtesy call is greatly appreciated. Your child is allowed 3 absentees per class from now until show time in June. Any additional absents must be cleared through me. Thank you for your cooperation.


A reminder to all families in the studio our tuition is due on the 25th of month and payable up to the 1st. Any tuition received after the 1st will incur a $15 late fee..no exceptions! You have the option to pay by cash, check or credit card. You can mail your payment, which must be postmarked no later than the 1st, to 432 E. Foothill Blvd San Dimas 91773, or drop it through the door in our mail slot. Additionally, you may call the studio with your credit card which we can charge over the phone or pay in person at the front desk.

If you would like to leave your credit card on file to avoid a late fee, please see me at the front desk. If you have a credit card filed on auto-pay, and the expiration date or card is corrupted, we need to be informed by the 1st otherwise a late fee will be applied.. It is your responsibility to inform us if your card changes due to fraud or corruption, and we will be implementing the late fee if we are not given updated financial information by the 1st of the month. Thank you for your understanding.

If you have any additional questions, please don't hesitate to ask. Thank you.

Wishing all our EDC families a very "Sweet" and Happy Valentine’s Day!