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Press and Testimonials

Encore was a second home to our daughter for 18 years. She started at the age of three with Bonnie and it has been the best decision we ever made for Amber. She has received the technical foundation she needed to make her passion for dance a career. Amber has gone on to attend the University of the Arts in Philadelphia and will graduate in 2010. My husband and I enjoyed the Encore experience so much that we continue to be involved in order to give back to the studio. The Copeland’s have made such a difference in so many children’s lives over the past 25 years. The Encore staff is amazing, not only in teaching the technique needed to be an outstanding dancer, but also in giving kids self esteem and confidence.
Donna Dupuy

As a parent of a child who has danced at Encore for the past six years, I can attest to, not only the quality of Bonnie Copeland’s program, but also to the supportive, family atmosphere that she has created at the studio. My daughter looks forward to her classes and feels completely comfortable in the warm and caring environment that the teachers provide. The annual recital is a fantastically professional performance with beautifully choreographed dances that highlight the talents of the dancers, and showcase the quality of instructors that Bonnie hires.

As the Vice President of the Board of Education for the Glendora Unified School District, I know first hand the importance of fine arts for students and the difficulty that schools in the state of California have in providing this vital educational link to our students. Encore provides a way for students to develop their creativity in a family-oriented environment.
Denice K. Delgado, Vice President
Glendora Unified School District, Board of Education

Bonnie has amassed a dedicated and highly qualified group of amazing choreographers. My children have been able to develop their skills and technique to not only perform with their studio, but with their high school productions and spirit teams as well. Each one of these talented professionals has imparted valuable instruction and discipline that I would argue could only be received in the finest metropolitan area studios.
Kelli Faris

I have been a long-standing customer with Encore. I have two daughters who have taken dance classes with Encore for the past 16 years. My oldest, now in her first year of college, received her dance training at Encore beginning at the age of 3. She went on to audition for LA County High School for the Arts and was accepted. Because of the excellent and outstanding instruction she received at Encore, she has worked professionally in the performing arts area. She currently attends Azusa Pacific University and continues to take classes when her studies permit.

My other daughter has also attended Encore since the young age of 2 1/2. She auditioned and was accepted to LA County High School for the Arts due to the superb training she received at Encore. Their teachers are professionals who have worked (or continue to work) in the industry.

I have known Bonnie and Bill Copeland for the past 16 years. They are responsible and upstanding citizens and strong supporters of the arts in our community.
Vilma Freeth

Encore has set the stage for our daughter to take her dreams a step further. We know of many other students who have gone on to excel in the art of dance due to the commitment and integrity of Encore.
Tony & Robin Jensen

Over the past years, our daughter has been trained by some of the best instructors in the industry and her talent has blossomed and exceeded our expectations. The owner and instructors are just wonderful and have created a friendly and positive environment for their students. There is a great respect between students and instructors and the entire studio is one big happy family.
The Fuentes Family

We are so lucky to have Encore in our lives. Not only have they taught our daughter to be a wonderful dancer but have also given her the self confidence needed for success. Our daughter sees Encore as a second home and is a place she has made so many great friends and life-long memories.
Keith and Kelly Ewing

One may wonder how or why the LA instructors choose to venture to these parts to teach at Encore. It's for the same reasons the students do; the atmosphere and commitment, especially from Bonnie Copeland (the Owner) is inspiring and the expectations for dance achievement motivate all. The annual recitals are a reflection of the dedication of all involved. They are very well known throughout the dance circuit.
The Klena Family

During my years at Encore I made friendships that have grown and lasted over 20 years. Some of my dearest friends I would never have known if it wasn't for my years dancing at Encore. The staff became a second family for me too. Bonnie has been a wonderful support over the years and her love of dance and children shines every day.

It's her passion for true dance that ultimately brought me back to Encore when my first child was 2, just "barely" old enough to begin classes. She has now been with Encore for almost 7 years and her little brother asks all the time if he can dance too.
Courtney Benshoof

The quality of instruction and the variety of dance at Encore is outstanding and is unequaled in our area. I cannot fail to mention the most important aspect of the studio and that is the family atmosphere and the mentoring of our children. Bonnie and Bill Copeland are wonderful people and genuinely care about each and every one of their students and families. The kids come to view the studio as a second home surrounded by a second family to care for them.
Tracy Dennett