- Vilma Freeth, Executive Assistant to the Dean of Business: APU -

“We have been a long-standing customer of Encore Dance Centre.  I have two daughters who trained for 21 years in all areas of dance.  Because of the excellent instruction and technique, they received at Encore, both of my girls auditioned and were accepted to LA County High School for the Arts and excelled in dance.  Both daughters decided to pursue dance and theater as their college studies and work professionally in the performing arts area.  They have performed in movies, music videos, commercials and live theatre.  While pursuing this career, they also work as director, choreographers and dance instructors. Encore has provided exceptional training due to the fact their teachers are professionals, also working in the industry.  They are a well-diverse studio teaching all dance forms including ballet/pointe, jazz, tap, modern and hip-hop. The owners, Bonnie and Bill Copeland have become part of our extended family over the years.  They understand the need for support of the arts in our community; to make better students, well rounded, who can express themselves through the passion of dance.  Encore is our home away from home.   I appreciate the Copelands, their desire to be the best in the valley and provide a service that not only teaches technique and performance, but also provides memories that last a lifetime!

- Tami Moran, Business Manager CPA - 

“They say it takes a village to raise a child and Encore Dance Centre is an integral part of our village.  Our daughter has been dancing at Encore since she was five and has grown into a beautiful, confident dancer.  What started as a beginner ballet/tap class years ago has now progressed into a full curriculum of dance forms taught by a staff of professionals from some of the most prestigious studios in the Los Angeles area.  Not only do the instructors come with a strong resume, they truly care about the well being and growth of our daughter as a dancer and a young woman.  They encourage and push her to be the best she can be.  Our daughter has learned safe and proper technique, countless dance numbers, the importance of taking care of your mind and body along with discipline and respect for others. The annual recital and the tradition of The Nutcracker are productions that rival those on Broadway and are well known in the community.  The dedication by the staff and the students to these productions is a testimony in itself to Encore.   Each production surpasses the expectations of the year before.  We feel fortunate to have found Encore and the entire Encore family.  It is difficult as a parent to let go of your daughter but if there is any place I would want my daughter to be spending her time away from home, it would be at Encore.   Find a village...encourage one another and open your village to others.  This is what Bonnie and Bill Copeland have created at Encore.”

- Kelly Kennedy, CFO/Office Manager: Travel In Style -

“The owner Bonnie Copeland, team and supporting staff knock their performances out of the park. They are amazing with ALL levels and ages of dancing, age APPROPRIATE dancing. They do NOT put toddlers and young women in costumes and dances that are too old for them, which is an important issue to me as I have seen it done in other studios. These are PROFESSIONALS and they have instilled the confidence and good work ethics in my daughter that I wish I had at that age and even now. It really does feel like a FAMILY with all the students bonding together. No cliques, just support. If someone as young as my daughter wants to spend time with the older girls, she is not pushed aside but is welcomed, protected and given help when needed. They have our unending support, gratitude and friendship and any and all people out there looking for talented performers or dancers should look into Encore. I want to thank all who are involved with this amazing, not business, but community, might be a better word.”

- Patti Alspaugh, 5th Grade Teacher -

“My little girl started at Encore when she was 3, little did we know how much she would love to dance! Bella is now 11 and has been dancing at the studio for 8 years. There isn’t a type of dance she doesn’t love: ballet, tap, jazz, modern, hip-hop, lyrical. Encore offers them all! The instructors are all accomplished and offer various techniques, styles, personalities and passions for the art. They develop close bonds with their students; my daughter loves her teachers. The takeaways have been lifelong friends, passion, commitment, dedication, goal setting, self-confidence and self-esteem. I can’t believe what a beautiful dancer Bella has become and look forward to how far she can go! I highly recommend Encore to all dancers of any age. P.S. I haven’t even mentioned the recitals (their shows are incredible).”

- Donna Dupuy, Taco Bell franchisee -

“Encore Dance Centre has always been a second home to our daughter.  She started at the age of three with Bonnie and it has been the best decision we ever made for Amber.  She has received the technical foundation she needed to make her passion for dance a career.  Amber has gone on to attend the University of the Arts in Philadelphia and graduated with a BFA in Dance.  She is now fulfilling her dream as a professional dancer working with top choreographers in the industry, all thanks to the foundation and training she received at Encore.  My husband and I enjoyed the Encore experience so much that we continue to be involved in order to give back to the studio.  We have watched the Copelands make such a difference in so many student’s lives over the past years.  Encore has an incredible staff unlike any other in the area.  Not only are the students learning the technique needed to be an outstanding dancer, but they are also given the self-esteem and proper work ethic that will propel them forward in all aspects of life.  Even if the students don’t continue on to dance as a profession, they still carry the confidence and determination that has been instilled in them throughout their Encore training. We are so privileged to be a part of the Encore family.” 

- Jennifer Graves, 4th grade teacher -

“Encore is an amazing dance studio.  Being non-competitive, the classes are focused solely on quality dancing and great technique, without the pressure to compete. The instructors at Encore are caring, knowledgeable, and professionals in the dance world.  Students are learning from professional dancers, choreographers, actors, and directors.  The students here are learning from the best!  The owner of the studio puts her heart and soul into Encore.  She genuinely cares about her dancers and works tirelessly on the studio’s bi-yearly performances.  She is present and involved on an almost-daily basis.  The atmosphere among parents and students is positive and friendly, and my daughter considers the staff and her friends at Encore to be like a second family.  The holiday Nutcracker performance, and the yearly recital are beautiful and showcase every student, from the littlest ballerinas to the senior dancers.  If you are interested in a high-quality dance education, I can’t recommend Encore highly enough.”

- Candy Corral, Hospital executive -

“Encore Dance Centre has been influential for our daughter’s development as a dancer. The instructors are industry professionals offering individualized attention and corrections to improve technique. Our daughter has participated in unique opportunities from photo shoots, music videos, and performances all related to Encore. If your child has a passion for dance, the guidance and instruction offered by Encore Dance Centre is parallel to none.”

- Mary Chakbazof, Physician -

“We have been a part of the Encore family for 7 years and we absolutely love it! The teachers and staff are very caring, loving, and encouraging. My girls have made lots of amazing and supportive friends throughout the years. I feel safe leaving my daughters there for any period of time. My girls learn a lot from their very experienced teachers and are progressing daily. Encored is a great and positive environment that my daughters never want to leave.”

- Kelli Faris, Teacher -

“Bonnie has amassed a dedicated and highly qualified group of amazing choreographers. My children have been able to develop their skills and technique to not only perform with their studio, but with their high school productions and spirit teams as well. Each one of these talented professionals has imparted valuable instruction and discipline that I would argue could only be received in the finest metropolitan area studios.”

- The Fuentes Family -

“Over the past years, our daughter has been trained by some of the best instructors in the industry and her talent has blossomed and exceeded our expectations. The owner and instructors are just wonderful and have created a friendly and positive environment for their students. There is a great respect between students and instructors and the entire studio is one big happy family.”

- The Jensen Family -

“Encore has set the stage for our daughter to take her dreams a step further. We know of many other students who have gone on to excel in the art of dance due to the commitment and integrity of Encore.”

- The Klena Family -

“One may wonder how or why the LA instructors choose to venture to these parts to teach at Encore. It's for the same reasons the students do; the atmosphere and commitment, especially from Bonnie Copeland (the Owner) is inspiring and the expectations for dance achievement motivate all. The annual recitals are a reflection of the dedication of all involved. They are very well known throughout the dance circuit.”

- Courtney BenshooF, Alumnus -

“During my years at Encore I made friendships that have grown and lasted over 20 years. Some of my dearest friends I would never have known if it wasn't for my years dancing at Encore. The staff became a second family for me too. Bonnie has been a wonderful support over the years and her love of dance and children shines every day. It's her passion for true dance that ultimately brought me back to Encore when my first child was 2, just "barely" old enough to begin classes. She danced with Encore for 7 years until we moved to San Diego.”

- Denice K. Delgado, Glendora USD board of education -

“As a parent of a child who has danced at Encore for several years, I can attest to, not only the quality of Bonnie Copeland’s program, but also to the supportive, family atmosphere that she has created at the studio. My daughter looks forward to her classes and feels completely comfortable in the warm and caring environment that the teachers provide. The annual recital is a fantastically professional performance with beautifully choreographed dances that highlight the talents of the dancers, and showcase the quality of instructors that Bonnie hires.

As the Vice President of the Board of Education for the Glendora Unified School District, I know first hand the importance of fine arts for students and the difficulty that schools in the state of California have in providing this vital educational link to our students. Encore provides a way for students to develop their creativity in a family-oriented environment.”

- shelby jensen, edc alumni, arizona certified dance educator,

co-director and manager of motion dance company -

Just want to take a moment to say thank you, again, to Bonnie Copeland, Nichelle Bane, Joelle Martinec, Lindsey Lorenz, Eddie Garcia, Katie Rustowicz, Eve Mason, Courtney Miller Jr  Karen Schupp, Jessica Rajko,  and so many dance teachers who I look up to and regularly took from to balance my learning of dance in the most perfect way!! As I look at the dance world and especially studio training, I definitely was trained differently than most dancers. Technique was everything but so was passion, acting, and sending a message to your audience. Discipline was not only given but expected. You give 110% to everything including that 45 degree turnout that you are fighting for due to tight hip flexors. You love your classmates even on a bad day. They are your team. You always strive for perfection but also proud of what you have accomplished. You need your flexibility, the strength to support it, the technique to hone it, the acting to express it, and the love of dance to live it! I’m 28 years old and still dancing well! So many dancers are trained in scary and painful ways and are already in pain, had surgery, or no longer able to fully dance anymore. I know I have a lot of years left in me because my teachers taught us to push ourselves but listen to our bodies and stay healthy. I am forever grateful. I have the best teachers to look up to and I do my best to teach my kids as they taught me.